Create and foster a compassionate community that celebrates the fullest expression of Judaism by designing experiences for lifelong learning and observance of Jewish tradition and ritual.



The Shul reaches out to individuals of all Jewish backgrounds and those connected to them so that we may:

  • Learn and grow together
  • Celebrate Shabbat and holidays
  • Celebrate Jewish culture, art, and music
  • Commemorate life cycle occasions
  • Express our support for Israel and the Jewish people
  • Act on our values through community service and advocacy

Rooted in Jewish values, The Shul is inclusive and egalitarian, and possesses and innovative spirit that welcomes experimentation with new expressions of Jewish life, spirituality and ritual.

The Shul encourages families to learn together and welcomes parents as partners in children's Jewish education.

In establishing The Shul, we are mindful of the teaching in "Ethics of the Sages" (Pirkei Avot 1:3), "The world rests on three things: on Torah, on service of God, and on deeds of love."